Thanks for another great conference!

It’s been one month since the fourth edition of our TeTra conference, and it’s now time to sum it up and give a brief account of the day (some pictures and participant comments here).

This 2016 edition was built around the core theme of innovation in computer-assisted translation, technologies for speech recognition, and machine translation.

Early in the morning, we hosted four workshops in parallel. Prof. Hendrik Kockaert presented a promising CAT tool for translation and real-time feedback and revision, enabling users to build up “a revision memory” and work in “track changes” mode. Annalisa De Petra and Daniele Cocozza presented MateCat, an open-source and cloud-based CAT tool that integrates MT with one of the largest collaborative translation memory. Luca Menozzi showed the full potential of a brand-new SDL version, where users can download numerous applications from the SDL OpenExchange and plug them into Studio directly. Finally, Federico Gaspari held a practical session on how to speed-up and improve MT post-editing.

The conference opened with the greetings of our institutional representatives, followed by an inspiring talk by Frieda Steurs [read more]. In line with the very purpose of TeTra – i.e., to translate research into practice – Arantza Del Pozo [read more] then gave an exhaustive presentation on speech recognition and Machine Translation for multilingual automatic subtitling. The final speech of the day, by Lucia Specia [read more], designed the roadmap for current and future developments in Machine Translation.

Participants enjoyed the “Coffee and Demo” session very much (and not only for the coffee and cakes). As our pictures show, the companies that joined us (Apertium, IntelliWebSearch, Interprefy, MateCat, SDL, TranslationQ/RevisionQ and Voiceboxer) were quite busy demoing their newest tools and systems. Our thanks go to SDL for sponsoring this session, which will definitely be replicated in future editions!

Finally, our very special thanks go to the invited speakers, the companies and institutions that kindly sponsored the event, and the delegates who attended it, not least for sharing their comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned, and see you at the next TeTra conference!