What is the Language Toolkit scheme?

Language Toolkit is a joint initiative of the University of Bologna and the Forlì-Cesena Chamber of Commerce. Launched in the Academic Year 2013/14, it aims to foster the use of foreign languages for the internationalisation of SMEs in the Forlì-Cesena area.

In particular, it promotes and supports the internationalisation of local SMEs by providing them with high-level language services and competences (in the form of 300 hour traineeships by students), at the same time opening up new opportunities for young graduates to become acquainted with the world of work.

How to apply (for students)

First, get in touch with us and express your interest (contacts at the bottom of the page). You will then be matched to one of the available enterprises/research topics according to:

  • each enterprise’s specific needs
  • your competences and interests

Typical activities include translation of technical and promotional material, website localisation, and training on technologies for terminology management and computer-assisted translation.

How to apply (for companies)

You can either get in touch with the Forlì-Cesena Chamber of Commerce (see their website for more information) or you can write an e-mail to the contacts below. If you want to know more on how to set up a traineeship in collaboration with LabTerm you can also visit this page.

For any remaining doubts or questions, contact us!

Claudia Lecci: claudia.lecci2@unibo.it
Danio Maldussi: danio.maldussi@unibo.it