Past events and current activities

The CoLiTec centre was created to capitalise and build on the experience gathered in the past two decades at the DIT Department  (formerly SITLeC) and at the Forlì branch of the School of Languages, Literatures, Translation and Interpreting of the University of Bologna (formerly SSLMIT).

Since the first half of the 1990’s the scientific and didactic activity of CoLiTec members has revolved around the interrelated themes of corpus linguistics and of technologies for specialised and audiovisual translation, interpreting and terminology.

As regards the former, the DIT Department has organised several international events that have contributed to consolidating its position as a centre of attraction for corpus linguistics scholars from Europe and beyond. Among the conferences, special mention should be made of the first two editions of CULT (“Corpus Use and Learning to Translate”) in 1997 and  2000, and the 2002 edition of TALC (“Teaching And Language Corpora”). More recently, the Department has organised annual workshops on corpus-related subjects that have attracted national and international experts. The themes of the last four editions of these workshops were parallel corpora (2012), web-derived corpora (2013), the corpus-based analysis of institutional academic language (2014) and digital resources for learning Japanese (2015). The theme chosen for 2016 is an introduction to concepts and methods in quantitative (corpus) linguistics.

The Department is also internationally renowned for creating and sharing corpora that are regarded as benchmarks in the discipline. These include the EPIC interpreting corpus, the Forlixt film dubbing corpus, and the large, web-derived reference corpora produced by the WaCky project.

Concerning technologies for translation (broadly conceived), CoLiTec members have been particularly active in organising conferences and workshops within the framework of the Specialised Translation and Interpreting Workshop Series. These events are led by renowned scholars and/or highly qualified professionals with a strong record of achievements in the industry, and are characterised by close interaction between academics, professionals and students. The events have also provided the basis for a number of scientific articles published in the online translation journal InTRAlinea.

The Terminology Lab has contributed to this strand of research through applied research in the fields of terminology, controlled languages and languages for special purposes (LSPs), as well as computer-assisted and machine translation (CAT and MT). Several highly successful conferences were organised, including the “Technologies for Translation” (TeTra) series (2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016), which brought together over 500 participants, and the TOTh workshop on the role of context and notes in terminology, organised jointly with the University of Savoy in 2012. Members of the Lab, now also affiliated with CoLiTec, have produced several publications, among which two introductory handbooks on computer-aided and machine translation, and the volume Terminologia a colori (“Terminology in colour”), with contributions on terminological issues in different specialised domains.