To carry out your Master’s dissertation in cooperation with a local company (or a SME, a small and medium enterprise), you should apply for an advanced internship (tirocinio avanzato) within the Language Toolkit scheme. See this page to know more about it!

Useful resources for students writing their dissertation

Dissertation archives (search interfaces in Italian):

  • DIT database: BA and MA dissertations from the Department of Intepreting and Translation only (up to 2012-2013).
  • AMS Tesi database: BA and MA dissertations from the whole of the University of Bologna (2013-2014 onwards). Some full-text works are available in PDF format.

Suggestions and advice on dissertation writing (currently in Italian only):

  • Linee guida e spunti di lettura: guidelines for participants in the Language Toolkit scheme.
  • Linee guida generali: guidelines for all students graduating in Specialised Translation and Specialized Translation.