Innovate through dissertations

We are keen for our students to experience the world out there, and we are keen for companies out there to meet our students and see how much they can achieve together. A Master’s dissertation (Tesi di laurea magistrale in Italian) provides an ideal occasion to establish shared ground in this respect. Most of our students undertaking internships with private companies, universities, research institutes and international organisations turn this invaluable experience into a starting point for their end-of-course dissertations.

Supervision for the internship and the dissertation are always provided by a university tutor, but the student also gets input and feedback from the contact person in the company. This enables students to apply their knowledge to a practical issue that is mutually beneficial, while maintaining confidentiality of the company’s information.

For companies, enhancing the language and communication skills of employees and developing methods for improved handling of linguistic matters may contribute substantially to internationalisation, and ultimately to growth.

Examples of dissertations

  1. Production and translation of technical and promotional contents. An Italian private company working in the field of foundation engineering needed to create a promotional brochure in Italian and have it translated it into English. Collaboration between the student and the company proved essential to produce high quality multilingual corporate documentation.
  2. In-house training for technical writers/translators. Training was provided for staff of the Italian branch of a leading American company producing equipment for processing wood. The training course aimed to provide employees with more efficient strategies and methods for carrying out their daily translation tasks, supported by the use of open-source CAT tools (OmegaT) and terminological resources. Though the company was initially reluctant to change its work routines, they soon appreciated the merits of the new approach.

Other internships for dissertation-oriented work are being carried out in collaboration with research institutes (e.g. the Romagna Institute for cancer research and care – IRST) and international organisations (e.g. the Food and Agricultural Organization – FAO).

Suggesting topics for dissertation projects

If you have an idea for a research project that you would like to develop with us, we can make an agreement for a dissertation-based placement (tirocinio avanzato). This scheme will allow you to host an intern working on the topic that you have agreed with the student and her/his university tutor.

We are available to discuss your specific needs or any topics/domains related to foreign languages, translation (from and to students’ mother tongue), web communication, technical writing, terminology, language for specific purposes and more.

  • If you are a company, institution, organisation, research institute, or foreign university interested in our internship and dissertation projects, please contact the LabTerm staff:
  • If you are a company located in the Forlì-Cesena province and want to take part in the Language Toolkit scheme, you can either contact our LabTerm staff or refer to this page.