Types of internships

There are three main types of internships (sometimes also referred to as (work) placements):

  1. curriculare, i.e. compulsory work placements
  2. avanzato, i.e. dissertation-based placements
  3. formativo, i.e. paid, graduate-level placements


This a compulsory requirement to obtain the MA in specialised translation or interpreting, giving students the opportunity to get to grips with working life and further develop the skills they have acquired during their studies. This specific type of internship lasts 100 hours and is worth 4 CFU/ECTS credits.

For more information refer to the main website (in Italian only).


This is an elective activity that lasts 300 hours and is worth 12 CFU/ECTS extra credits. It is specifically aimed at endowing students with experience that feeds into their Master’s dissertations and includes both in-house and independent work (with the company’s supervision). Internships that are part of the Language Toolkit scheme fall into this category.


This type of internship is especially tailored for recent graduates (up to 12 months from graduation) of the Master’s in Specialised Translation and the Master’s in Interpreting. It can last from 3 to 6 months, it can be carried out only in the Emilia Romagna region and also provides some form of financial support. Through an internship contract graduates are given the opportunity to gain practical experience of the world of work, and may share their skills and knowledge with the company.

For more information on any type of internship contact Cinzia Postacchini (placement office): cinzia.postacchini@unibo.it