Though there are three types of internships that you can undertake during your academic career (see here for a brief description), at the Laboratory for Terminology and Assisted Translation we deal mainly with internships carried out in cooperation with companies/SMEs. These basically fall into two categories:

  • curriculare, i.e. a compulsory work placement. It lasts 100 hours and gives you 4 CFU/ECTS credits. Students are usually required to provide translation services on technical and scientific domains from/into their mother tongue, assist members of staff with their daily tasks related to foreign languages, work on terminological and phraseological databases, and provide liaison interpreting services.
  • avanzato, i.e. a dissertation-based placement. This is an elective activity that lasts 300 hours and gives you 12 CFU/ECTS extra credits. It is specifically aimed at carrying out your Master’s dissertation in cooperation with a local enterprise and includes both in-house and freelance/independent work. Internships carried out within the Language Toolkit scheme fall into this category. More details on the scheme here.