Seminars are great opportunities to deepen your understanding of subjects that are only touched upon in your courses, gaining new knowledge and sharing ideas and research findings with international scholars. Apart from offering a taste of academic research, these events are useful to gain high-level skills of practical relevance to your future career, e.g. for corpus linguistics and specialised translation applications.

Corpus Linguistics seminar series [Laboratorio permanente di Linguistica dei corpora]

Corpus linguistics focuses on the collection and analysis, through ad-hoc software, of authentic samples of language use, both spoken and written, which can be enriched with different kinds of metadata. This series of workshops brings together scholars in the field of corpus linguistics, to share current research findings particularly if relevant to translation and interpreting.

Even if you are not currently involved (nor planning to get involved) in research activities, the applied nature of much corpus-based research means that its methods and findings are also relevant for professionals in the fields of translation, interpreting, language mediation, L2 writing, terminology management, and more.

For a full list of workshops see our News & Events page or learn about past events and current activities carried out within the framework of the CoLiTec research centre.

Coordinator: Silvia Bernardini

Domain-specific Translation seminar series [Laboratorio permanente di traduzione specializzata]

This series of seminars deals with both the translation product itself, and the whole translation process that includes acquiring specialised competence, describing the contextual and cultural situations in which texts are created, and analysing the typical features of domain-specific texts (e.g. legal, medical, marketing, financial texts).

Invited speakers include experienced professional translators, prominent members of professional associations, scholars and academic staff, building a bridge between the scientific community, current and future professionals.

Coordinators: Danio MaldussiEva Wiesmann

See here for information on other initiatives and workshops held by the Department of Interpreting and Translation.